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Child Behaviour and Family Solutions feels that every family has the right to be just that – a family.  As a family, you should feel strong, confident and supported.  And if you don’t feel that way, our aim is to help you.

When you become a parent, you are full of expectation of what you think family life will look like.  But what if it isn’t quite what you thought?

We all want the best for our children, but we can’t help but compare them – to their peers at school, to their sibling(s) or even to what “they” tell us. So what does happenswhen your child isn’t developing as we might expect, or they start hitting or biting, or they won’t go to bed at night or you struggle to get them to school?

As if raising a child isn’t challenging enough, add into the mix raising a child with additional needs and that can often lead to a difficult and stressful home life – with the child’s challenging behaviours causing disruption at home – it might feel like the child is in control of everything that happens in the home and as a parent, you feel at a loss and unsupported.  

We want to you enjoy your child; to help you find the balance, understand the needs of your child by understanding what they see and how they feel, boost your confidence as a parent and provide you with strategies to manage challenging behaviour.  

We see our job as coaching you through the struggles, and helping you to consider what life might be like for your child. 

At Child Behaviour and Family Solutions, we specialise in working with families of children with additional needs as well as those children who are overly anxious or angry, finding life a bit of a challenge. 

 Parents may feel like they have tried everything and yet they still don’t know ‘what’s wrong’ with their child.  Parents tell us they would like answers to their questions about the causes of challenging behaviour and disrupted family life. We understand the feelings of frustration and isolation felt by both parents and children – we’re here to listen and to help.

Some of the behaviours and conditions that we currently support families with are: tantrums, hitting, biting, sleep issues, not wanting to go to school, fighting, peer pressure, self esteem, self harm, and exam pressure – and in particular, where there is a child in the family with additional needs.

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Who We’ve Helped …

We have been working with families and professionals for over 10 years, and have helped many people with a vast range of problems and concerns.  Here are some of the wonderful things some of our families or professionals that we have worked with and helped have said about us.

  • ‘Thank you so much for the work you’ve been doing with Joe’s mum. After the first session, she came and gave me a hug, she finally felt someone understood’

    SENCO referral – child’s name has been changed

  • ‘I can finally see how he sees the world’

    Parent of 4 year old with traits of autism

  • ‘why didn’t I see her point of view before?’

    Parent of 7 year old child with Anxiety

  • ‘If only we’d met you 3 years ago’

    Parent of 6 year old Autistic child

  • ‘’s so easy to talk to you’

    Parent of 8 year old with severe anger issue

  • ‘ of all the professionals we’ve seen over the past year, you’re the first who really ‘get’s my daughter’ and you haven’t even met her yet’

    Parent of 11 year old Autistic child

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